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Anjali (Anji) Saraswathyamma

Anjali (Anji) Saraswathyamma

Anjali (Anji) Saraswathyamma

I met Matt when I had no clue where my life or career was heading to. He was a complete stranger to me at that time but it was fascinating, how comfortable this complete stranger made me feel.  

I was able to discuss all my fears, barriers and blockages in life that was stopping me from being a success. Matt was there listening to it all, allowing me to fret it all out. Giving me the time and space to be who I really was. 

Following the session with Matt, I got clarity, focus, drive and I got the plan for my future. I guess I wouldn't be where I am today had it not been for Matt’s encouragement, guidance and coaching. He is indeed an inspiration and it’s an honour to have him as my coach and mentor. If you want clarity, success, confidence and a plan, get in touch with Matt. Thank you Matt! 5 years and I am still going. Wishing you every success in changing many more lives and businesses.

George Lellis

Anjali (Anji) Saraswathyamma

Anjali (Anji) Saraswathyamma

I have known and worked with Matt since November 2012. He helped me make the vital changes that I needed in order to improve myself and be more successful and he also taught me the principles of change within the business culture as a whole.  

Matt, from the outset, displayed his excellent listening skills and through his coaching skills I found a better way to live and work that I didn't think of on my own. Moreover, he showed me a clear and bright transformation path towards meeting my personal and professional goals.  

He actually helped me understand not only my real potential but also the dynamics that are developed in a business-to-business context. I really enjoyed the discovery journey and I feel empowered to do more and better following his insightful guidance.

Kalliopi Georgiadou

Anjali (Anji) Saraswathyamma

Kalliopi Georgiadou

Following a personal and professional coaching session with Matt, I feel that I gained more perspective on my professional goals. 

We both put together a professional plan and arranged this in line with my personal interests and strengths.  I feel that Matt helped me become more focused and I achieved greater clarity in my future career aspirations. 

It was amazing how much clearer things became just through this one session and will look to have regular sessions with Matt in the future to achieve my full potential.


Fear - Coronavirus and its Consequences of Stress and Worry

Fear - Coronavirus and its Consequences of Stress and Worry

Fear - Coronavirus and its Consequences of Stress and Worry

We are all living a major challenge on a global scale: will we survive or die from the Coronavirus? 

We all have a choice on how to be in this world: fearful or courageous. 


           What will you choose?               

 Working together, we can identify the fears and stresses and how to take control of your mind and emotions that can lead to having a great life.

Be Your Best Self

Fear - Coronavirus and its Consequences of Stress and Worry

Fear - Coronavirus and its Consequences of Stress and Worry

Life is full of opportunities and challenges, and it is my job - as your coach - to help and guide you towards your ultimate goal - your meaning, purpose, your potential and to live the life you want. 

Live Your Dreams

Fear - Coronavirus and its Consequences of Stress and Worry

Live Your Dreams

When you choose to live a dream, you need a plan to make it come true. Once you have a plan, a coach will help you stick to it and get around any challenges or obstacles you may face.


Life and Transformation Coach

Hello everyone, 

I am Matt Corey and my purpose is to help people who are stressed, feeling fearful and uncertain about the Coronavirus and how it will impact their life. I am focused on providing a coaching service, so people can feel and be more at ease, empowered and filled with belief and confidence within themselves.

I am originally from Montreal, Canada of Greek descent. I had the good fortune of living and working in Canada, Greece and now live in London, United Kingdom and speak English, Greek and French. 

I was awarded a BA in Psychology, a MSc in Psychology and Counselling and a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (MCIPD) from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Diploma in Psychology from The Open University. Afterwards, I became a Master NLP Practitioner from the Society of NLP (being taught and trained by both Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP).  

During my training as a counsellor (or counselling psychologist) and as a life and transformation coach, clients' issues ranged from physical, sexual and substance abuse (e.g. drugs and alcohol), relationship matters, fears, phobias, procrastination, career counselling (e.g. making big career decisions and the next steps to get there), including making the right decisions for a team and business on the next steps forward toward progress and growth. 

After a career as a generalist HR (Human Resources) professional and having worked as a business process and change consultant travelling to many countries in Europe, Algeria, South Africa, United States of America and Canada. I returned and focused on recruitment, which I believed was the best part of HR (Human Resources), because of the interaction with so many people. After a successful career as an internal recruiter, life offered me my first big challenge to change, adapt and become resilient due to a changing marketplace, because of downsizing and the advent of Linkedin. I can tell you, it was an enormous and  incredible struggle and challenge to reinvent myself back into the marketplace.

I later trained to become a Change Management Practitioner, Facilitator and Project Manager alongside eventually gaining the APMG Change Management Foundation and Practitioner level, CHAMPS2 Foundation, PRINCE2 Foundation, MSP Foundation and the DDI Facilitator Training Accreditation. 

I have also taught personal development as a University of Arts London (School of Fashion) guest lecturer and was a guest speaker at professional events and wrote a book within my work in data science.

I am mentioning this not to impress you, however to emphasise my commitment to helping people live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives that bring them closer to their goals, dreams and ultimately their potential. 

When I was 20, I helped a friend realise that she (unknowingly) was sexually abused by a parent, who was taking medications and an assortment of pills including anti-depressants. She quickly abandoned the pills and the frequent visits to her doctor and psychiatrist. It was an amazing experience for me at the time, to know that I can help another human being, after she specifically said to me: "You helped me more than all the doctors and pills combined!"

That give me the realisation and understanding that this was my calling. The journey was not an easy one to get here today, quite bumpy actually with many detours and falling down and having to get up again...and again.

Today, we have one of the greatest challenges in the last 100 years with the Coronavirus, that we all are confronted with and that is a matter of choice. The choice to act with courage or fear. To deal with the unknown with uncertainty or with faith that things will work out. This is our choice and why I feel compelled to help.   

One of my virtual mentors, Tony Robbins, stated that "to truly feed your spirit, remember this: The secret to living is giving. He meant that our lives have greater meaning, when we contribute and make a positive difference for the benefit of others.

He also stated that where focus goes, energy flows. This is key and this is the foundation of what every coach is ideally working on with their clients - what they choose to focus their energy on is what will happen,  result and appear in their lives. 

My purpose is to help you during the Coronavirus situation:


Firstly, to help and guide you in this challenging time of stress, frustration, fear and uncertainty by altering your thoughts and behaviours in line to what you want and secondly, to help you focus and progress with your life and dreams.

Specifically I can guide you to mastering new tools, that will lead that will bring you closer to the outcomes that you want and desire in your life.

My life lessons learned, combined with my professional experience and training, have showed me who I am as a man, as a social human being interacting with others and have prepared and blessed me to offer you the knowledge and tools to lead the life you wish and desire.

You can schedule your appointment today in the next section and I look forward to meeting you in an online session (either 1 to 1, a group session and in English or Greek) and listening to how I can best serve and help you.